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this is primarily a blog about my weight loss and my journey towards a more healthy and active lifestyle, but my tumblr also comprises of:

fashion; styles i love and clothes i wish i owned - ♥ pearls, floral, skirts, lace, ankle boots, ballet flats, low back dresses, bows, silver, stockings, summery dresses, ruffle scarves, heels, big handbags, blazers

instagram; my life through my iphone.

music; a day to remember, the audition, rise against, you me at six, the amity affliction, the cab, story of the year, valencia, the academy is..., anberlin, in fiction, stealing o'neal, mayday parade, panic! at the disco and the list just goes on!

food; all my favourites! cupcakes, lollies, chocolate, ice-cream, pizza, sushi, mangoes, watermelon, oranges, strawberries, pretty much everything!

health & lifestyle; although i'm not quite a fitblr - i post many things about healthy living and food and rant about what i shouldn't have eaten!

celebrity crushes; matt bomer, jason sudeikis, leighton meester, tim mcilrath, dan marsala, katy perry, ian somerhalder, jeremy piven, simon baker

tv; community, svu, 24, white collar, the mentalist, criminal minds, suspect behavior, better off ted, rules of engagement, modern family, packed to the rafters, suits


15 January 13
saw this on facebook! haha! mmm bacon!

saw this on facebook! haha! mmm bacon!

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